Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Worm Farm up and Running!

A worm farm is now part of the lunch time routine at Enner Glynn School. Today the enviro group worked with Mr Hands to get a new worm farm up and running. This is one step towards reducing our waste in an environmentally friendly way. The castings will be used as fertiliser for our edible gardens which are already in progress. Children crowded around today to have a close look at the worm farm and how it works, of course the worms were well fed to on apple cores, banana skins and crusts.!
Good Work Enviro group! and Mr Hands!
Lots of great learning took place,
*The first thing we did was we soaked the cardboard, we had fun doing that because lots of us got wet!
*The second thing we did was put the worms in with the soil and scraps (YUCK!).
* The third thing that we did was practicing wheeling it down to the rubbish bin by room 3.
*And now at lunch times we each have turns at making sure no one puts the wrong food in the bin.
The things we learnt were:
*That there is a certain type of worm for a worm farm - these are called tiger worms.
*That worms do not eat meat they only eat some fruit (not citrus food like oranges etc.) and vegetables, they are herbivores.
*The worms waste is called castings and that is what we use as fertaliser.
*The worms will even eat paper because it is made from trees!
*Each worm can produce over 1500 babies in one year.
*Tiger worms eat their own body weight each day (WOW!)
our next challenge is going to be deciding how to best use the wonderful veges from our garden - any ideas would be appreciated!
By your Envro Group -Courtney, Mae, Kathryn and Hannah


  1. Wow! It is awesome that you are learning about sustainability and looking after our School and our planet by reducing waste. Could some of you blog about what you have learned and also can we have a photo please?

    Mr Day

  2. Great work - nice to see the photo now. So what have you learned? :-D

  3. It was nice to hear about the worm farm from Courtney and I didn't realise that the worms don't like citrus, thank you for teaching me something about those funny amazing little creatures Courtney. I hope you are enjoying making a step towards being environmentally friendly.
    Paula Barnett (Courtney's mum)