Tuesday, April 21, 2015


During Term 1 the REACH group have been completing a DOC national challenge. The challenge was for us to choose one of NZ"s great walks to research. We had to walk the distance of at least half the walk using our local tracks and then submit a presentation showing our learning. This was a perfect inquiry for us as it tied in so well with the Senior school and their inquiry of "Our Backyard!". Also we were going to camp at Bethany Park and going to already be walking 12km of the Abel Tasman! This was a great way to start us off and with our walks to and from Kaiteriteri we had clocked up 19km by the end of camp. We then met up on Sunday mornings to complete the rest of our 33km. We walked up the Centre of NZ, The Maitai River and up the Grampians - to the very top!!! It was great to get out walking and there was talk of us continuing it, we had so much fun! As all this was happening we got busy researching the Abel Tasman and finding out all it has to offer! But how would we present our findings? We had talked about the idea of a picture book and then viewed an ABC book written by the curators of Te Papa, we really liked the idea and thought it would work well with our challenge - and so it began... Many days of working through the alphabet in rhyme! ensuring we were showing our learning and making links between the Abel Tasman and our local walks!! Yes it was a challenge! On top of that we learnt how to create QR codes to make links to websites showing video clips to give more information to our readers. It was lots of fun! We needed photos for our book and had yet another challenge to overcome - we had some photos we had taken (thanks Beni) but we also needed extra photos and knew we could not just use any old photo from the internet for a book - this would be using someone else's property! We found out that we would need to use 'Public Domain' photos. These are photos that people have taken and are happy for other people to use. Phew, all in about 5 weeks we completed our picture book - it will be in the school library and we are super proud of it. Do have a read - but you will need plenty of time, there is lots to learn especially if you want to explore all the QR codes have to offer.

Monday, March 9, 2015

REACH 2015 - This year we are up and running again with our REACH blog - we have lots of wonderful learning to share! Term 1 - This term we have a DOC Challenge group. Made up of mainly Year 6 students we are busy completing a national challenge. We must research one of New Zealand's great walks, walk at least half the distance using our local tracks and then submit a presentation! Very busy indeed. The Year 6's walked from Marahau to Ancourage on camp which was a total of 12km, along with walking to and from Kaiteriteri we clocked up a total of 19km just on camp. We are now meeting on Sundays to complete the rest of our walk - because we have chosen the Abel Tasman track we need to walk a total of 30km altogether. Keep checking in on this post for further updates about how we are going and what we are learning along the way!

Sunday, July 28, 2013

NMIT Inspire Day

What an amazing day out we all had at NMIT INSPIRE. 18 students from Enner Glynn had the opportunity to spend a day at NMIT. The students moved around various workshops learning about chemistry, the human brain, rockets, planes of the future, funky artworks, volcanoes and much much more. The students had to find their way around the campus, moving from block to block. From turning a 10c coin from silver to gold to using dry ice to make fizzy drinks the children had a wonderful time. I made lots of new friends and will keep in touch with a couple of them. (Jack) The best workshop for me was Funky Art - we painted a fridge by collageing everyone's ideas. We also learnt to use indian ink. Each side of the fridge had a different theme, the top was lollies and food, one side was nature, one buildings and the front patterns. (Sophie) (Lucy) I learnt that x-rays are bad for you because of the radiation, we even got to go into radiology. (Jack) I learnt how to do paper chromatography - this can be used to solve crimes. (Celia) I thought it would be hard to find the rooms but once we were there with our maps it was easy.(Beni) In the human brain we learnt all about the brain, I learnt that the front of my brain is for good manners and personality. We also got to touch a rats brain which was much smoother than a human brain. (Lucy/Alex) I enjoyed doing the lunchtime quiz. (Charlotte)

Suter Visit

The REACH group attended a 3 week programme at the Suter Art Gallery. During these sessions the children viewed artwork about culture and identity. The children then had to think about their own culture and identity and make links with symbols. After much thinking and planning the children had the chance to adorn a car with symbols that represented themselves. They all looked amazing, showing how unique we all are.

Sunday, April 7, 2013

On Friday Paul Omondi came to the library to teach the Reach group how to make plastic bag balls. Plastic bag balls require around about 50 plastic balls and a bit of string to make one strong and firm ball. Once the ball is completed, the string will form a spiderweb shape around the plastic bags. At Paul's school they had one soccer ball which was only used once a year in the soccer season. Paul also taught us a traditional song they would sing while making a plastic bag ball to make time go faster. Ceara also talked to us about the orphanage that she spent time in. Ceara has already fundraised to buy 3 goats for this orphanage and this is where our goat will go. The goats milk is full nutrition and gives the children calcium. She also taught us a hand game that we all had a go at.

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Maasai bracelets!

The Reach group have been micro-financing, we are going to make some bracelets and anklets. Micro-financing is when lots of families give a little bit of money and one family uses it to buy something that will keep making money and when you have enough money you pay back each family and with the rest of the money you can buy extra things! We are going to be selling our bead creations at school so if you would like any come down to the school! We will keep updating our blog as we make different Kenyan art and craft.


We started off Purple Cake Day with the REACH students painting symbols of hope and purple cake day on children's faces. We had parents bring in over 400 cupcakes for the year 6 students to decorate. Wow! They looked scrumptious. Thanks to all the parents for bringing in so many decorations for us to use! Everyone dressed up in purple and gathered at the top court to dance and celebrate how lucky we are. Then it was off to Te Manawa to enjoy our cupcakes! YUM! Alice and Jack then went to Countdown Stoke to sell the remaining cupcakes. Lots of people were very generous and donated money without wanting a cake. All up we raised the grand total of $991 for children in Kenya. Good Job.