Sunday, April 7, 2013

On Friday Paul Omondi came to the library to teach the Reach group how to make plastic bag balls. Plastic bag balls require around about 50 plastic balls and a bit of string to make one strong and firm ball. Once the ball is completed, the string will form a spiderweb shape around the plastic bags. At Paul's school they had one soccer ball which was only used once a year in the soccer season. Paul also taught us a traditional song they would sing while making a plastic bag ball to make time go faster. Ceara also talked to us about the orphanage that she spent time in. Ceara has already fundraised to buy 3 goats for this orphanage and this is where our goat will go. The goats milk is full nutrition and gives the children calcium. She also taught us a hand game that we all had a go at.

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