Sunday, July 28, 2013

NMIT Inspire Day

What an amazing day out we all had at NMIT INSPIRE. 18 students from Enner Glynn had the opportunity to spend a day at NMIT. The students moved around various workshops learning about chemistry, the human brain, rockets, planes of the future, funky artworks, volcanoes and much much more. The students had to find their way around the campus, moving from block to block. From turning a 10c coin from silver to gold to using dry ice to make fizzy drinks the children had a wonderful time. I made lots of new friends and will keep in touch with a couple of them. (Jack) The best workshop for me was Funky Art - we painted a fridge by collageing everyone's ideas. We also learnt to use indian ink. Each side of the fridge had a different theme, the top was lollies and food, one side was nature, one buildings and the front patterns. (Sophie) (Lucy) I learnt that x-rays are bad for you because of the radiation, we even got to go into radiology. (Jack) I learnt how to do paper chromatography - this can be used to solve crimes. (Celia) I thought it would be hard to find the rooms but once we were there with our maps it was easy.(Beni) In the human brain we learnt all about the brain, I learnt that the front of my brain is for good manners and personality. We also got to touch a rats brain which was much smoother than a human brain. (Lucy/Alex) I enjoyed doing the lunchtime quiz. (Charlotte)

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