Tuesday, May 12, 2009

NatureLand Enrichment report

Hi my name is Frayja and I'm going to talk to you about how I helped NatureLand Zoo. The animal I chose to make an enrichment activity for was the meerkats. We first had to study what our animals liked doing and what they eat in their natural habitats. I chose the meerkats because they are the newest animals at NatureLand. For my enrichment idea I used an old vacuum cleaner, driftwood, carrots and parsnips. Straight away they started digging at the sand to reach the food but they soon gave up and jumped on the top. They had figured out there was a lid but were challenged to open it. It was funny . The meerkats really liked it. I felt that Natureland appreciated me and the Meerkats did too. Jo, the keeper was really excited about mine so we did it last. First they were a little nervous but then they became very curious, excited and happy. I really enriched their lives!
By Frayja Elliott

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