Monday, August 10, 2009

Mask Parade Prep

The C.W.S.A Art group have been preparing for the Mask Parade. First we had to brainstorm about the topic and what it meant to us: One Earth - Global Creative Spirit. This seemed difficult at first but once we thought about the meaning of each word we started to have some understanding. We brainstormed what we could do and we came up with lots of ideas. Our understanding of the them was - all cultures coming together as one. We decided to make some masks from different countries and so we got to work.
Classes are buddied up so they can get to know each other and help each other. At the moment there is a lot of cutting out templates and undercoats being put on. We have learnt how to order paint and supplies and send faxes. We are starting to find out how much work it takes to organise something like this.

Sophie, Kathryn and Mrs Cranefield

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  1. Yes, it takes a lot of work girls! I am impressed with the industry of you all! You are all working away very hard and you are all very engaged in what you are doing... well done and keep up the great work. Keep using this blog to share updates and you'll get plenty more followers to keep informed! :-)