Monday, July 26, 2010

The Suter Art Gallery Trip

The REACH group have been going to The Suter Art Gallery every Tuesday since week one of term 3. We're learning about building communities through art. During the first session we looked at some artwork associated with the word "infill." Ester (our art teacher) showed us all the paintings and sculptures. There was a suitcase with clothing and sunglasses on the outside of it. There was also some white tomato plants that looked like they were mirrored. We guessed what the word "infill" meant. Infill means to fill a space. near the end we got into groups of three and made some stuff with copper. It was really tricky! On the second session we looked at sculptures in the Nelson community. We looked at the big hand next to the stoke library. We talked about what it symbolizes and what we'd change if it were our sculpture. Our task for next week will be to design and create a mini sculptor based on our learning so far.

By Samantha

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