Monday, August 16, 2010

Sculpture Trail

On Tuesday, The REACH group went on a great trip to Nelson city. We were looking at the sculptures that are good for the community. We had some nice parents take us into town and bring us back. We looked at an eel trap, maori patterns, reef knots, peoples faces and rocks. We visited the queens gardens and saw some amazing dog statues and pretty rocks put together into hexagons. We also went to a beautiful river and saw sticks with rocks on the ends. We walked under the bridge and saw a metal eel trap. Everyone started squeezing through. Some kids challenged themselves to go through without touching it. This is an interactive sculpture. We saw the southern cross statue and a piece of argillite and it made a weird noise when you tapped it. Some things we learnt are: how to tie reef knots, The names of some sculptors, and how sculptures have stories behind them and how they give a message to the public. The vessel which is pictured above was made by Gavin Hitching in 2005.It originated from a body of work which the artist had developed.
The pegs refer to the surveying in the past as part of our New Zealand history. The work symbolizes "this place, the land we live in".

By Samantha .

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  1. Fantastic! Can you share some of the stories about the sculpture that were photographed?


    Mr Day