Monday, October 11, 2010

Suter Art Programme Term 4

Today at the Suter Art Programme we started by viewing some coloured pencil artworks of Don Binney. We then were given paper and coloured pencils. The first technique we learned about was layering, we used the side of the pencil in one direction and then turned our paper so that we could put the next layer on in the other direction. We learned how to glaze, this when we do a layer in colour and then layer with white for a shiny result. Hatching and Cross Hatching were shading techniques using lines and checks to make the artwork look 3D. We finished off by making a colour wheel using only the primary colours, we used the different techniques we had been learning about to make up the secondary colours.
Next week we will be going to Queens Gardens to use some of our new skills. We can't wait!!!!

by Ashley, Olivia and Mrs C

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  1. Sounds like you learned a great deal this morning! Well done team!