Monday, October 18, 2010

Visions/school sculpture ideas.

For REACH group we have been learning about what a vision is.
We have been thinking of creating a sculpture idea for the school that represents: differences, strong relationships, preparing for the future, integrity, learning through opportunities, inquiry, and creativity.
Our drafts of the sculpture have to include most of these ideas.
The REACH group thought of some interesting and creative ideas.
We have to think about what the sculpture will be made of, will cost, how strong it will be, have to withstand all types of weathers, etc. We will have to set criteria for these.
The group is determined to create a great sculpture idea and make a model of it, which in the future
may become a piece of art for our school.
It has to be simple, but effective.
Wish us luck in achieving this and creating an amazing sculpture for the whole community to share.

By Laura and Indigo.

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