Monday, August 15, 2011

Depletion of Ocean Species

Today the REACH FPS group celebrated posting off their second workbook. This was the depletion of ocean species scenario.
It was a scenario about the how our oceans are becoming overfished and looked at a future fishing scenario. Imagine a hotel on the sea where you pay a lot of money to stay but are guaranteed to catch a fish - not just any fish but a genetically altered fish!!!
A closer look at this raised some concern! - We had to think of 10 challenges, some of ours were-
The sonic stunners (a new method of fishing) may not stun just the fish targeted. This may be a problem because they might threaten sea creatures that man hasn't even found yet, this may unbalance the food chain and further deplete the oceanic species. Because Ikanui is a recreational facility it doesn't address the real problem of commercial fishing methods such as bottom trawling
long-lining ect. this is a problem as Ikanui may actually be supporting the commercial fishing methods to feed their fish bycatch
(unwanted fish) which is a byproduct of these methods.
ect. ect. we worked hard and when we finally achieved our goal (today) we got another bowl of popcorn! YUMMY! we are proud of what we have accomplished and a small group of us wish to go further and educate the general public. By the FPS group ;)

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