Monday, August 29, 2011

Scenario Number Three

Here's a riddle for you -
It has no shape, colour or smell, and when pure, no taste either. We see right through it and often hardly notice it.
What is it?

In F.P.S (Future Problem Solving) we have started a whole new problem. Our new problem is the future worldwide water crisis, we researched a bit and learnt some amazing facts. Did you know that about 10 million people die every year from diseases carried in rancid (dirty) drinking water. If you put all the world's water into a bucket only 1 teaspoon would be drinkable. The amount of water we use to make something is called 'embedded' water, here are some examples:
* 1 T-shirt = 4000 L of water
* Pair of leather = 8000 L
* Slice Bread = 40 L
* Car = 400,000 L
* Sheet of Paper = 1O L

Two-thirds of people live in areas of the world that have only a quarter of the world's rain.

To have fun with our research we are in teams, each team has created a country and we will have skirmishes each week to earn
a percentage of the global water!

We will keep posting interesting facts as we learn them!

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