Friday, March 2, 2012

Purple Cake Day

Purple Cake Day was a huge success!! In total we raised a whopping $1043!
Everyone looked fantastic in their purple. Some students made a wearable art
and got to display their costume in a special parade. After that we all danced to some groovy songs, everyone got really into the dancing. The Seniors iced the cupcakes and I can tell you they looked amazing! At morning tea everyone enjoyed
munching on their cupcakes.

By James

We had many cupcakes left over so three of the students helped to sell the
cakes outside Nelson New World! We sold most of them and learnt some valuable lessons in the process! One of the most important lessons being 'don't judge
a book by the cover'. Most people were great, unfortunately some a little rude! We decided it didn't take much to stop and say 'no thank you!' - a much better response
than just walking right past. Many people were very generous and were happy to give a donation without a cupcake. It was also interesting how many people hadn't heard of 'purple cake day', once we had told them a little about how it came to be they were more than happy to buy a cupcake - Good on you Nelson!!

All in all it was a lot of fun and all for a very good cause - a big thank you
to everyone that pitched in to help out!!

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