Thursday, May 17, 2012

Designing a New Playground

In 2012 the inquiry group from Enner Glynn School have been designing a new playground to replace the adventure playground. So far we have had heaps of awesome ideas but unfortunately we can't use them all. We had to set criteria for our new play space This criteria was *It has to suit 5-11 year olds. *It has to be challenging but safe. *It has to be fun. *It has to enhance the environment. *It has to fit a budget. We learnt how to use to mind map our ideas. We also used google sketch up to come up with some design ideas. Our designer came to talk to our REACH group. We shared ideas about the types of activities children at Enner Glynn like to do at lunchtime. He took our ideas to help him design our playground. Next week we will meet with him again and get to see what he has come up with! Unfortunately our designer was unavailable for next week but instead he kindly handed us his proposed plan. When we first took a look at the playground sketch we all thought it was really cool because it had a number of the ideas that we all came up with on the plan like a climbing wall and the stepping stones but when we looked more closely at the playground plan we saw that it didn't include some of our other ideas like monkey bars and a fruit/veg patch like the one that we have up by the top field.

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