Thursday, August 2, 2012

Coral is cool

The F.P.S group is working on a coral scenario. It is very interesting! We have to protect natural coral from artificial coral. Our scenario is about the Great Barrier Reef. We had to think up ten challenges and then an UP(underlying problem) Now we are working on ten solutions. FPS is about getting a really big problem and breaking it down into a smaller problem so it can be solved. Well the man is making artificial coral which might affect the natural coral. We have been figuring out solutions to help the natural coral to grow and survive.FACTS. Tiny plants called algae grow inside coral and also give them their colour. If all the algae's die then that is called coral bleaching. Coral is a animal.An estimated 25 percent of coral has already disappeared. Coral is valued because of its medical values. Hurricanes are good for coral because they cool the seas down.
By Emily, Chloe and Julia. :)

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