Monday, May 30, 2011

FPS:Depletion of Oceanic Species

Depletion of Oceanic Species
Stepping stone challenge
FPS have just started a stepping stone challenge. A stepping stone challenge is a non-competitive but marked assessment challenge. We have a scenario in which we research, think,and discuss. Then we find problems and solutions about our scenario. This time our scenario is about the Depletion of Oceanic species. We all had a lot to say about our topic and had a BIG discussion about our thoughts, opinions and any facts that we knew. After talking we went on a website called GreenPeace and searched the website for useful, helpful or any interesting information. These are some things that we found out. Only about 2% of known marine life live in the deep oceans. Most of the other 98% live in the shallow seas. 5-7% of people can help make a difference. Two thirds of the earth is ocean, 80% of living species live in the ocean. Next we shared our thoughts and facts about what we found out and how we feel now. We learn't about bottom trawling, overfishing and by- catch. Also that it is not that they are fishing, but how they are fishing. Also commercial fishing methods are the ones that are damaging the marine life and the recreational fisherman are not doing as much harm. Many of us have decided to try and join GreenPeace and we are taking this very seriously. Mrs CraneField showed us a clip about bottom trawling, and everyone had mixed emotions we were sad, angry and majorly wanted to do something to help. We are thinking of ways to make people aware of the dangers our oceans are in, these include education sessions, blogs, posters, and more. Frayja says " we are all much more aware of how badly our oceans need us and how badly we need to help, after all it was human beings that got oceans into this mess, and we are determined to get the oceans out of it". Freya says that " she badly want's to join GreenPeace and help make a difference!". Ben's mum is coming to speak to us and will be a very helpful resource as she was once on the whale wars boat. FPS is a group of 12 people trying to make a difference! Individuals with passion and energy to get involved is what is needed!!!

By Frayja and Mitchell

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  1. Are you working on IIP class? FPSP
    I am doing it right now but individually. therefore i think that we could share our idea on this scenario