Monday, May 16, 2011

Term 2 Update

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Last term we read a scenario on a boy called Robert. He lived in 2040 and there was something called synthetic nutrition (SN) that made you healthy and allows you to live for another 150 more years. But he had to take only the synthetic nutrition for the rest of his life instead of food. We had to think of problems this would cause and then choose the top ten. We then had to select one underlining problem, which was: that if most people chose to take SN this could result in a decrease in natural food as well a problem of over population. If he chose to eat a healthier diet he could also live longer. We were all pleased to get our first booklet off in the post and celebrated with popcorn!!
This term, we have another scenario about the depletion of ocean species. We have begun to research it, here are a few facts about it so far. Bottom trawlers ( big boats with nets behind them that run along the bottom of the sea floor and trap coral and fish) destroy coral reefs, and each year they destroy 150 times the size of deforestation( forests being chopped down to nothing) . We have seen some videos and we really want to do something to help our ocean species that are overfished.

Please help us to stop over fishing and depletion of oceanic species.
Watch this space and each week we will try to add a way that you can help this problem.

You can help by - Eating less fish and if you must eat fish - find out if it is sustainable, this means it stock is not at risk.
Bluefin tuna is one fish we should not eat if we want them to remain in our oceans as they so overfished.

by Ben and Samantha from F.P.S.

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