Monday, May 30, 2011

Waimarama Sanctuary

Hi everybody next week Inquiry groups 1 and 2 are going to the Waimarama Sanctuary. We've been doing lots of research and we found out that there are over 250 species of recorded plants and the trust has over 600 members. Some species that are there are the NZ falcon, yellow crown parakeets, wekas and robins. Their goal is to build a pest proof fence to keep invasive species out. The fence will cost 4 million, it will be made of stainless steel and will be 14km long. The holes in the fence can be no bigger than the width of a pencil and it must be dug deep so no pests can tunnel under. They have already raised 1.8 million.
Some of the pests are stoats, weasels, cats, mice, rats, possums, goats, pigs and deer. We are looking forward to learning lots more on our visit next week. Check back for an update and photos!

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